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Edel Group employs some 120 people who service customers from all over the world. The head office and production facilities are all located in Genemuiden, the Netherlands. In Elland (UK), a dedicated team look after the sales in the United Kingdom. Production and refinement of yarn, tufting and backing are done for both Edel Group’s carpet collection as well as for third parties, where the backing is done not only for tufted carpets but also for artificial grass and sisal and flat-weave products. Edel Group's quality management system is certified to ISO 9001.

The carpet collection by Edel Group consists of high quality wool and synthetic carpets. The collection is renowned for its contemporary design, construction and colours and is sold throughout the world.

Innovation is part of our culture – it is how we have grown from handmade coir and brush mats to the production of wall-to-wall nylon and woollen carpets. Not only are our carpets innovative, we also strive to improve our production methods any way we can. From improving efficiency to the development of new materials. Edel Group, proud partner in carpet, backing and yarn.

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