The history of carpet making in Genemuiden (NL) starts already in the 16th century when rush - which grows in the Genemuiden area - was used to create mats. The first companies - including Edel Group - were founded early 20th century when rush mats were made from home and by hand. As the availability of rush went down, a new type of mat was introduced: the coir mat. The move to a small production location and making use of machinery allowed the weaving of coir and brush mats for both cars and domestic purposes. Until the 1960s, many companies in Genemuiden successfully produce coir mats. "E de Lange", as Edel Group was known at that time, grew rapidly and acquired a number of other companies.

Due to growing competition and decreasing demand another switch was made as companies looked for supplementary work, which was found in the production of soft-fibre floorcoverings such as wool, nylon and sisal. The first tufting machine was bought by Edel Group in 1969 and five more soon followed, including two backing-units. 

Edel Group is currently one of the few tufted carpet producers, able to produce everything from the yarn to the backing. Until this day, more than 60% of the total Dutch production of wall-to-wall carpets is produced in the Genemuiden area.

More information about the history of carpet in Genemuiden via the  website of the Carpet Museum (Dutch only).