The final step in the production of carpet is backing. The aim of the backing process is twofold; the primary backing fixates the yarn to the base cloth and the secondary backing improves the lifespan of the carpet. For this, high quality synthetic rubbers (latex) are used. Backing is done for both Edel Group's own carpet collection as well as third parties where the backing is done not only for tufted carpets but also for artificial grass and sisal and flat-weave products. The backing is finished with a material of choice such as vilt, jute, Actionbac® or Gelback®. 

In 2014, Edel Group was the world's first tufted-carpet manufacturer to introduce a 100% SBR-free carpet backing, Ceneva®. The latex used is now based on VAE which is odourless, emits less VOCs and has reduced flammability. Ceneva® is 100% SBR-free carpet backing for a better living environment. Please click here for more information about Ceneva®. 

If you are interested in carpet backing by Edel Group, please feel free to contact us.