Edel Group is an innovative company. It is how we have grown from handmade coir and brush mats to the production of wall-to-wall nylon and woolen carpets. We move with the times, continue to innovate. Both our products and production methods evolve. it is how we continue to lead the market and are prepared for the future. 


Our production is increasingly more efficient and sustainable. In 2014 a heat exchanger was installed in our backing facilities which allows us to capture and reuse heat. With the heat exchanger we are able to save 20% energy per year. Another example is the installation of energy saving LED tube lights, allowing us to save more than 150,000 kWh per year. 


Our products are innovative and advanced. In 2013 we introduced  Pamina, the world's softest carpet. The ultrafine Antron® yarn and a special production technique create an unparalleled softness. 


We are always looking for the next best thing. Never satisfied with the status quo. Edel Group is the world's first tufted-carpet manufacturer to switch to a 100% SBR-free carpet backing. The latex used is now VAE-based, resulting in an odourless carpet, lower emissions of VOCs and reduced flammability. The carpet is also more flexible, which eases fitting on e.g. stairs and landings. More information about Ceneva®. 

Another innovation is Velvet Back, a recycled polyester backing with a silky soft touch. This new carpet backing is available on our high end polyamide products such as Tamino. 


We also think outside our box of carpets. At DOMOTEX 2014 we introduced the LISA detection floor. An underlay that detects movement and gives an alarm when these movements are considered to be dangerous or unusual. More information about the LISA detection floor.