Lima is for the adventurous. A rich history, capital of the land of Incas, Peru.

Extraordinary colours and designs characterize the country and its people. These colours can be found in Lima by Edel: brown and grey but also a strong blue, yellow, green and red are available. Combine Lima with Lima Stripe for a special effect. 


LIMA COLLECTION (400 cm width - AB)

Lima 199 AB item no. 1723A400199
Lima 192 AB item no. 1723A400192
Lima 184 AB item no. 1723A400184
Lima 181 AB item no. 1723A400181
Lima 173 AB item no. 1723A400173
Lima 161 AB item no. 1723A400161
Lima 156 AB item no. 1723A400156
Lima 149 AB item no. 1723A400149
Lima 141 AB item no. 1723A400141
Lima 136 AB item no. 1723A400136
Lima 129 AB item no. 1723A400129
Lima 125 AB item no. 1723A400125
Lima 123 AB item no. 1723A400123
Lima 121 AB item no. 1723A400121

LIMA COLLECTION (500 cm width - AB)

Lima 192 AB item no. 1723A500192
Lima 149 AB item no. 1723A500149
Lima 136 AB item no. 1723A500136
Lima 123 AB item no. 1723A500123
Lima 121 AB item no. 1723A500121

LIMA COLLECTION (400 cm width - JP)

Lima 199 JP item no. 1723P400199
Lima 192 JP item no. 1723P400192
Lima 184 JP item no. 1723P400184
Lima 181 JP item no. 1723P400181
Lima 161 JP item no. 1723P400161
Lima 156 JP item no. 1723P400156
Lima 149 JP item no. 1723P400149
Lima 141 JP item no. 1723P400141
Lima 136 JP item no. 1723P400136
Lima 129 JP item no. 1723P400129
Lima 125 JP item no. 1723P400125
Lima 121 JP item no. 1723P400121


pile weight:

1/10" level loop
100% polypropylene
540 gr/m²
Ceneva® Actionbac® or Gelbac®
400 cm and 500 cm 
23 heavy domestic use / 32 general contract use

 view the technical specifications here for Actionbac (AB)

 view the technical specifications here for Gelbac (JP)