about edel

Edel Group was founded in 1918, at the time under the name "Firma E de Lange & Zn, matten en biezenhandel" (Firm E de Lange & Son, coir and rush mats). Innovation is part of our culture. It is how we have grown from handmade rush mats to the production of synthetic and wool carpets. Currently, we have four modern production locations in Genemuiden, for the production of carpets and artificial grass. Edel Group is certified to ISO 9001.

Nowadays, the Edel Carpets collection is sold throughout the world. Quality, service and distinctive carpets are our trademark. Visit the Edel Carpets website for an overview of our collection.


handmade production of rush mats 


a weaving machine is used to produce coir mats 


producing wall-to-wall carpet using a tufting machine 

the history of carpet

The history of the carpet industry in Genemuiden (Netherlands) starts in the sixteenth century when rush - which grows in the area surrounding Genemuiden - was used to produce mats at home. The first companies - including Edel Group - were founded early twentieth century. The move to small production locations and the use of machinery allowed for the production of car and door mats. Until the sixties, multiple companies from Genemuiden were successful in producing such mats.

Growing competition and decreasing demand meant that extra work was needed. This was found in the production of soft carpets of sisal, wool and synthetic yarns. Edel bought its first tufting machine in 1969 and soon, five more tufting machines and two backing-streets followed.

Until today, some 60% of the Dutch carpet production is made in the Genemuiden area. For more information about the history of carpet in Genemuiden, you can visit the website of the Carpet Museum.